August 29, 2023

Camfil Syracuse School Air Filters Calls for Urgent Action on Inadequate Ventilation and Air Filtration in Schools

Camfil Syracuse is dedicated to improving indoor air quality and calls on states to emphasize the importance of ventilation and filtration in schools.

As a school air filtration expert, Syracuse Camfil has long understood the value of adequate ventilation and filtration in enhancing indoor air quality. This is especially important in schools, where millions of pupils spend much of their day. Unfortunately, new research by the Environmental Law Institute has highlighted many of these schools' poor ventilation and filtration and the unfair distribution of this burden, notably in low-income regions, rural areas, and pupils of color.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of adequate ventilation and air filtering in schools, and the study provides states with a rare opportunity to solve this issue. The paper emphasizes crucial policy options that governments should explore, such as explicit ventilation and filtration standards, compliance control procedures, and equitable financial and technical assistance programs. These comprehensive measures will ensure that all existing school buildings are healthier now and better prepared for future emergencies.

"The conclusions of this analysis, we feel, should serve as a wake-up call for states to prioritize student health and safety and remedy poor school ventilation and filtration. With increased public awareness, governments can push regulations to enhance the indoor air quality in schools and ensure all students have access to a healthy learning environment," Camfil Syracuse School Air Filtration Experts shared.

Camfil Syracuse is committed to delivering solutions to improve indoor air quality, and we hope that this research is a wake-up call for states to recognize the necessity of adequate ventilation and filtration in schools.

For those interested in learning more about the issue and potential solutions, the complete report, "Ventilation in Schools: A Review of State Policy Strategies," is available on the Environmental Law Institute's website.

Finally, as stated in the Environmental Law Institute's report, schools' insufficient ventilation and air filtration need immediate action. States must develop comprehensive policies that promote students' health and well-being.

Proper ventilation and filtration are critical for maintaining a healthy learning environment, especially in underserved populations. States may ensure that every student has equitable access to a safe and conducive learning environment by taking urgent actions to enhance indoor air quality in schools.

Camfil Syracuse is ready to assist schools and policymakers in improving ventilation and air filtration systems, allowing students to thrive in healthy learning environments.

"We can build a brighter future for our children if we work together," Camfil Syracuse Air Filters added.


1. Camfil Air Quality Experts Call for Urgent Action on Inadequate Ventilation and Air Filtration in Schools Following Environmental Law Institute Report

2. Ventilation in Schools: A Review of State Policy Strategies

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